Profit from Pre-mix drinks
Using pre-mix drink dispensers at your venue can offer many profit opportunities. The machines CS Drinks install and the mixer syrups they use are designed to mix and dispense pre-prepared soft drinks to complement alcohol supply – from cocktails to more traditional drinks like Gin and Tonic. Here’s a breakdown of the profit advantages you can have using pre-mix drink dispensers:


Pre-mix drink dispensers ensure consistency in flavour and quality with each serving by pre-measuring ingredients and relying on automated dispensing. Businesses can guarantee that every drink tastes the same, thus enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Reduced Waste:

With pre-mix dispensers, there’s minimal wastage of ingredients as each portion is precisely measured. This reduces the costs caused by over-pouring or spillage, ultimately maximizing profit margins.

Faster Service:

Pre-mix dispensers speed up the drink preparation process, which translates to faster service during peak hours. Swift service translates to higher customer turnover rates, to serving more customers thus increasing income. A win-win.

Inventory Management:

Pre-mix drink dispensers allow better inventory management by providing accurate knowledge of product usage. This allows businesses to forecast demand more effectively and avoid overstocking.

Upselling Opportunities:

With pre-mix dispensers, businesses can easily and cheaply experiment with new drink recipes and promotions without significant investment in training or equipment. This opens opportunities to upsell premium or specialty drinks using pre-mix soft drinks to increase overall revenue. Why not host a happy hour with your own original cocktail.

Brand Image Enhancement:

Consistently high-quality drinks delivered through pre-mix dispensers will enhance the brand image and reputation of a business. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to your venue and recommend the establishment to others, driving repeat business and long-term profitability.

So – the profit advantages of using pre-mix drink dispensers are many. Businesses that use a pre-mix drinks solution from CS Drinks can enjoy a competitive edge in their industry while maximizing their bottom line.