How nice to mix a cocktail with soft drinks derived from post-mix syrups commonly found in soda dispensers. While these syrups are typically used for soft drinks, you can get creative and make simple cocktails with the soft drinks they dispense. Here’s a basic guide to help you mix a cocktail using drinks from post-mix syrups:


  1. The drink from your post-mix syrup (e.g., cola, lemon-lime, orange)
  2. Spirit of your choice (vodka, rum, whisky, etc.)
  3. Ice
  4. Optional: Garnishes like citrus slices, cherries, or mint leaves


Choose your soft drink from your Post-Mix Syrup dispenser: Select the flavour you want for your cocktail. Common options include cola, lemon-lime, orange, and more. Fruity flavours are often favoured.

Choose your Spirit: Decide which spirit you want to be the base alcohol content of your cocktail. Popular choices include vodka, rum, whisky and gin.

Prepare Glass: Choose an appropriate glass for your cocktail, such as a highball or Collins glass. Fill it with smashed ice cubes. Presentation of a cocktail is very important.

Ratio: The ratio of soft drink to spirit will depend on personal preference. Experiment. A common starting point is 1 part spirit to 2 or 3 parts soft drink. Adjust according to taste.

Mixing: Pour the desired amount of soft drink over the ice in your glass. Add the chosen spirit to the glass. Be careful to get the ratio of spirit to soft drink right.

Stir or Shake: Stir the mixture gently with a bar spoon or give it a quick shake if you prefer a more blended texture.

Garnish: Then garnish your cocktail with slices of citrus, cherries, or mint leaves to add visual appeal and flavour.

Taste and Adjust: Give your cocktail a quick taste and adjust the ratio of soft drink to spirit if necessary. You can also add more ice if needed.

Enjoy: Your cocktail is ready to be enjoyed. Sip and savour the unique combination you have created. Be even more creative and give it a name – your customers will love it.

Remember, experimentation is key, and you can customize the ratios and ingredients to suit your customers’ preferences.