Just trying to keep the customer satisfied…

We all work in the licensed trade one way or another. We are suppliers of post mix drinks, our customers run bars, clubs and pubs – restaurants and hotels. One thing we all have in common though is the search for customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction in the licensed trade is like the secret sauce that keeps the drinks flowing and the vibe buzzing. Like another drink? I’ll get them in.

You stroll into your favourite watering hole after a long day, parched and ready for some relaxation over a drink. What’s the first thing you notice? It’s not just the drinks on offer, but the whole experience, the ambience, the décor, the furnishings – but most of all it’s the staff. Are they friendly? Do they welcome you? Can they get you anything? It’s so nice to be asked: “Can I do something for you?” rather than the cry of the working day – “Can you do this for me!”

In this business, it’s all about making people feel at home, even if home serves alcohol and has a jukebox or a quiz machine in the corner. It starts with the basics: a friendly smile, a nod of acknowledgment, maybe even remembering their drink order from last time they were your customer. It’s about creating an atmosphere where people can unwind, chat with friends, and maybe even make some new ones. When you put it like that it’s a responsibility not just a service.

But let’s not forget the drinks themselves. Nobody wants a warm beer or a weak cocktail. Quality is key. People come in expecting their favourite tipple to be poured just right, with care and attention to detail. And if there’s a little extra flair thrown in, like a fancy garnish or a cheeky cocktail umbrella, well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

At CS Drinks we are committed to providing the ingredients for the perfect drink. That’s our job. Yours is to provide and maintain a clean and comfortable environment. Nobody likes sticky tables and dirty carpets. Keeping things tidy and inviting is crucial for keeping the customers happy and encouraging them to come back again.

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction in the licensed trade boils down to one simple thing: creating an experience worth raising a glass to. So here’s to good drinks, good company, and good times. Cheers!

Steve and Dianne